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Gwyneth Paltrow és Chris Martin lakása


Gwyneth Paltrow &  Chris Martin


Aw, the sweet life in the Hamptoms.  It's there that Gwyneth and Chris enjoy this 6,800 square foot, 5 bedroom, 7 bath home.  The home is classic cottage architecture with lots of modernist touches inside.  In the living room, a pair of pale blue sofas anchors the room, where Gwynnie can enjoy the large needlepoint artwork of artist Ann Carrington.  There are also two Warhols to adore behind one of the sofas.  The palette is very deliberate throughout, combining brighter tones of lilac with more subdued shades of off-white, gray, black and start white.  In the stairwell is a wonderful Tom Dixon chandelier of reflective silver orbs.  The Tord Boontje chandelier in the dining room is more traditional, complementing the pink and blue shades of the walls and ceiling.  The chairs are contemporary and finished in light brown leather to create a harmonic balance between the colors of wood and walls in the room.